One of my personal favorite things about Emily’s shop is her couture monogram service.

Each person has a story. Help us tell yours with a custom monogram or crest that captures everything that makes you unique. Whether you’re representing your personal style, your new life together as a couple or a beautiful new home, we have a way of working with you on all of life’s occasions. Your monogram or crest can become your insignia for a lifetime, represented on everything from stationery and gift wrap, to glassware, linens and china. We love getting know what makes you special. Is it combining two family crests into a new representation of your family? Is it taking elements from your travels and passions and combining them with your monogram? Or is it using architecture details and creating an insignia to brand your home? All of these are ways that we get to know your taste and transform it into a monogram or family crest. For home branding, we love creating not only the monogram itself, but also unique patterns that be used on wallpaper and fabric throughout your home. Have a vacation or 2nd home? We love creating a custom branded experience for your guests from the monogram on your bath towels, to the glasses and napkins you serve at cocktail hour. The possibilities are truly endless.

Click here to learn more about pricing and booking a couture monogram through their site. Heads up: it can seem pricey! However, the custom, couture monogram you create with her team can be used on any of their products for life! You also are the owner of this design now and are encouraged to use it as you wish – that includes products outside of their shoppe.

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