At the close of 2017 it was wonderful to reflect on another year of amazing experiences I have been so lucky to experience throughout my job with Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity Headquarters. Below is a quick summary and some fun pictures from my travels!

January | All-Staff Retreat at Fraternity Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana

This was my second all-staff retreat and as usual, I relish any opportunity I have to get some face-to-face time with my coworkers. Not only are they inspiring women, but they’re wonderful and witty and just plain fun to be around.

In addition to getting #allthethings done, we had the AMAZING Erin Fischer come and speak to us. I had already heard her at our 2016 Volunteer Leadership Conference and was extremely impressed with her then, but now after seeing her presentation shift from a volunteer-focus to our roles in staff positions, I’m blown away. She’s a tremendously talented speaker and leadership-guru – please check her out!!

January | Recruitment Territory Director (RTD) Retreat in San Diego, California

This was the first RTD Retreat we did since I’ve been on staff. Our Recruitment Territory Directors are volunteer positions that work with our chapters across the country to provide consistent recruitment support. These volunteers make my job SO much fun and extremely help my workload when analyzing the needs of our chapters and creating new resources to fit those needs.

My boss was pregnant at the time and unable to leave her home of San Diego, so we all made the trip to see her! I’d have to say this trip was one of my favorites because our resort was absolutely stunning and my boss was able to provide us with fun local experiences like a bonfire on the beach and some awesome restaurants.

June | The Workout (recruitment training program) in College Park, Maryland

The Workout (TWO) is an Alpha Xi Delta summer experience that allows our chapter leaders from across the country to come together and learn about all things recruitment. This was my fourth time attending The Workout – the first two times I attended were as a collegiate, the third time and for this trip, I attended as a facilitator. Last year was my first experience serving as a small group facilitator and this year, I served as lead facilitator due to my boss being out of maternity leave – which was both scaring and exciting simultaneously!

One of the biggest take-aways I gained from serving as a lead facilitator was that I truly enjoy teaching. In college I served my chapter as Membership Vice President and I genuinely enjoyed planning and facilitating recruitment workshops – I didn’t recognize at the time how important those moments would be in shaping my future career. Being able to write curriculum for The Workout and present is alongside our National Recruitment Director was thrilling and left me with a newfound appreciation for education professionals – it also left me with a TON of ideas for how I can improve.

Outside of the professional items, this summer experience is close to my heart because it provides quality time with our volunteers who are not only my sorority Sisters, but as previously mentioned, have become close friends. Below are a few pictures from The Workout!

unnamed (16)

July | National Convention in Chicago, Illinois

National Convention only happens once every two years, so this was my first Convention on staff for Alpha Xi Delta!

There really is SO much to share about this long weekend, but I’ll keep this short and sweet to just share some highlights! I loved exploring the city of Chicago with our staff members and our recruitment team (affectionately called the re-cute-ment team) – there were so many cool restaurants and landmarks! Two of our recruitment volunteers are from Chicago and greatly helped us navigate the area.

I also had the opportunity to brush up on my presentation skills by presenting two different programs to our alumnae and collegiate in attendance. One of these programs I was able to present with Whitley, my little from our chapter at East Carolina, which was truly fun to see our membership and involvement come full-circle!

I couldn’t be more excited for the 2019 National Convention in Seattle, Washington!

August | Recruitment Visit at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas

Visiting Texas Tech was my first on-the-ground recruitment visit as a staff member. Most people who have little-to-no knowledge about fraternity and sorority life assume that I either plan social functions or assume that I am rarely home and always on the road visiting college campuses. Fortunately for everyone, neither of these are true.

Alpha Xi Delta is very fortunate to have numerous Educational Leadership Consultants (ELCs) and Leadership Coaches (LCs) whose main responsibilities include visiting chapters across the country

December | RTD Retreat in Charlotte, North Carolina

This was my second RTD Retreat (see San Diego trip above for the first)! We were able to plan ahead and schedule this retreat before our officer turnover which greatly aided in our abilities to get some bigger projects rolling before welcoming new officers into the mix for 2018. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for this trip and many of our members weren’t able to make it – nevertheless, I enjoyed welcoming these ladies to my home state!

Looking forward to what travels 2018 holds!

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