The sorority recruitment experience can seem both exciting and overwhelming. Finding the right chapter can aid in academic excellence, community and campus involvement, providing structure, specialized advisers, and friendships that will provide memories to last a lifetime. While there is no single right sorority to join, there is the right one for you. Recruitment coaching will help you navigate the unfamiliar waters of the sorority world and find the chapter that will help you flourish.

Coaching sessions should be booked prior to the potential new member completing her registration for recruitment at her chosen college or university. Each session includes photo selection, tailored recruitment registration/resume completion, wardrobe/presentation consultation, social media review, university-specific sorority introductions, recommendations 101, conversation training, and sorority selection guidance.  With any package, you also receive real-time recruitment support as needed to answer questions or calm concerns. Parents are provided an information packet and are welcome to join for portions of the coaching session. However, one-on-one time alone with the potential new member is crucial to acknowledging her personal apprehensions and goals as an independent young woman. Headshot additions are available for $25 with any package – please allow 30 minutes prior to session.

Virtual Coaching

  • 45 minute Virtual Coaching Session $75
  • 1.5 hour Virtual Coaching Session $100

Face-to-Face Coaching

  • 1 hour Face-to-Face Coaching Session $125
  • 1.5 hour Face-to-Face Coaching Session $150

Group Coaching Sessions

  • 3 people, 20 minute personal sessions, 1 hour together | $300
  • 5 people, 20 minute personal sessions, 1.5 hours together | $500


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Mackenzie is the Membership Growth Resource Coordinator for Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity Headquarters and has a Certificate in Student Affairs for Higher Education. She is proficient in Release Figures Methodology and the National Panhellenic Conference Manual of Information. Participation in recruitment coaching does not guarantee a bid to any particular chapter on any particular campus. Information and opinions shared within sessions are independent of her employer and are expected to be kept confidential.